Let Rad Rhythm deliver fun, interactive music programmes for you and your students! 
Rad Rhythm is designed to achieve specific learning outcomes for you without the stress because it was created ... BY TEACHERS, FOR TEACHERS!


Rad Rhythm is perfect for teachers who... 

✔︎  Know they don't have enough time to plan a whole music programme.

✔︎  Value music, but don't have the skills to teach it confidently

✔︎  Don't have a large music budget at their school

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Take Music Education
From 'Too Hard Basket'
to 'Fun and Easy to Plan'

✔︎  Rad Rhythm has been carefully designed so that even teachers with no musical ability can confidently deliver programmes to their class.

✔︎ All lesson plans are laid out in our teacher workbooks and content is delivered from the screen, requiring little-to-no preparation time for teachers. **Click here to preview a snippet of a workbook.


✔︎  Musical instruments can be very expensive, but every Rad Rhythm programme uses easy to access items like drink bottles, buckets, rubbish bins, chairs, stationary, tennis balls and more!

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Learning outcomes for your students

✔︎ Your students will learn about musical theory, composing, various percussive instruments and musical styles from all over the world. 

✔︎ They will also learn a whole range of practical skills, like how to drum some basic beats, hold time in a group and even the odd 'stick trick' for a bit of fun!

✔︎ Lessons combine theory with hands on learning and a range of challenging individual and group exercises, whether they are interacting with the screen or with each other, Rad Rhythm has been expertly structured to keep your class engaged from minute one. 


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What Teachers are saying!

We have done it two years in a row.  Deff saw an improvement last year in their lessons.  Kids Loved it as mush as the teacher. !

Andrea Lee Haycock
Rangitaiki School

We have had classes raving about how much fun your programme is and how well it is going! One teacher has said she will do your music drumming programme in maths time too because it covers fractions perfectly :)

Fran Patete
Pongakawa School

It's my fun session each week.  We spend 45 minutes today putting all our segments together.  Sounds so good.

Rachel McInnes
Whananaki School

Rad Rhythm is cool lessons for all ages/levels...lessons are theory and practical...all planned with teacher guide & notes student work books ..delivered via classroom TV you just join in and supervise kids love it...worth checking out 🤗

Ngawahine Apanui
Te Waha o Rerekohu Area School

Absolutely worth it. Done with yr3&4, also 5&6.  There are different programmes you can follow.  Lessons are run for you by video, easy to follow.  Kids were engaged and they learned so much.  You do not need to be a musician to follow along with it. 

Kim Cairns
Glenbervie School

Showing the students the 'performance' gives them something to aim for and makes the concept 'visual'.  Explaining rules provides the expectation in behaviour.  Your presentation is presented with enthusiasm and humour...something our boys need! 

Kerri Knight
Tuncurry Public School

Join hundreds of teachers giving their students fun, educational music lessons without overworking themselves!

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