About us

Why does Rad Rhythm exist?

Did you ever have to learn an instrument at school?

Our core team had to learn the recorder! 

At the time it was the only thing our teacher could teach in order to tick the box for music being taught in school.

YES, we know learning the recorder has some benefits, but … we’ll be honest … at the time it was about as fun as eating a pinecone for breakfast! 

After seeing the pain in our students (and parents) eyes and ears, we teachers (the Rad Rhythm hosts) set out to build something MUCH cooler! 

✔︎  Something that would meet the curriculum objectives...

✔︎  Something that would be super easy for even the most uncoordinated teacher to deliver…

✔︎  Something that required hardly any lesson prep for already exhausted teachers…

✔︎  Something that would be very affordable for schools… 

✔︎  And, something that both teachers AND students would LOVE!

After a lot of research, planning, and fundraising, Rad Rhythm was born.

Today hundreds of teachers just like you from around the globe now bring fun and engaging percussion music education into their classrooms!

How does it work?

Rad Rhythm streams exciting and interactive music programmes right into your classroom. Your Rad Rhythm subscription will give you access to a large range of fantastic music programmes that are individually targeted at students who are 5-6, 7-9 and 10-12 years old.  Your one log in can be used amongst all the teachers at your school. 

Each Rad Rhythm course works towards a final performance piece that the children can then perform in front of their peers and use to enter the Rad Rhythm competition.  Most lessons also include sections devoted to musical ideas, different styles of music and fun musical games.  Children are engaged from start to finish with sections that have them interacting with the screen, breaking into groups, and working alone. All you need to do is press play, then join in with the fun and the learning.

Teachers do not need any musical expertise to run Rad Rhythm! Everything is taught by us from the screen. For those teachers that are still a little nervous about teaching music, our teacher handbook will provide you with the support you need to feel comfortable delivering this programme to your classroom. Being teachers ourselves, we know how busy teachers are. This is why each programme provides clear educational outcomes in our pre-written PDF teacher lesson plans that accompany the videos.

Our programmes are designed for you to have control over the progression of the content, you choose how it best fits into your schools music curriculum.  All the programmes have between 4 and 10 lessons.  For example some are designed with 20-40 minute stream time (plus practise) that some incorporate into a weekly time slot.  Some courses have 2-5 minute stream time (plus practise) that could be used over an afternoon to learn an entire piece.

Behind the scenes during the creation of Rad Rhythm.

Rad Rhythm was first created by Goodtime Music Academy ... a social enterprise that exists to provide exciting music lessons and experiences to as NZ children as possible. The Academy began in 2009 with 30 students and now impacts tens of thousands of young people every year!